Audio Engineering Society 49th International Conference on Audio for Games 

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AES49 Audio for Games: Sessions So Far…

The first sessions for the upcoming AES 49th Audio for Games Conference  were announced this week via @Aesgames on twitter.

Here is a summary of what has been announced so far…

Session: Crossing the Streams – Scott Selfon (Microsoft)

It’s often easy to lock into the mindset of churning out the hundreds (or thousands) of sound assets that a game needs. But what happens when we step beyond audio as a reactive force, and instead inject audio into the title’s game design? Scott will show and discuss specific examples from a number of shipped titles of situations where audio has moved beyond the “event->wave file” archetype to more uniquely interact with and drive gameplay, both technically and creatively.

Session: If it’s too loud… – Garry Taylor (SCEE)

Garry Taylor talks through the science of loudness in games.

Sponsored Session: Dolby Audio for Games Reception

Audio for Games sponsor Dolby will be hosting a drinks reception at their London HQ after the first day of sessions.

Session:  Emerging Web Audio API

– Olivier Thereaux (W3C Audio Chair) and Jory Prum (Html 5 Audio)

In this session, we will explore the capabilities of the web browser as the next exciting platform for gaming and audio. Olivier Thereaux from the BBC and chair of the Audio Working Group at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) will give an interactive overview of the upcoming standards for audio on the web: the web audio API for audio processing and synthesis in the browser, and the web MIDI API bridging the browser and the multitude of MIDI devices for music creation. The session will include many demos hinting at the great potential of bringing audio to the web, and the web to audio, and will end with a questions and answers session exploring the opportunities and challenges of building games on the Open Web Platform.

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Tune in next week to @AESGames on twitter as we continue to reveal sessions for the 2013 AES49 Audio for Games Conference, February 6-8!

Looking forward to February,

AES49th Conference Committee


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